Artificial Intelligence and.
Machine Learning Team

Directors, Officers, Advisors

Keith Louis De Santo- Founder

President - Lawrence Latham
Chief Medical Officer - Dr. Mehul Patel
Vice President- James McDonnell

Mia Martin - Digital Strategist
Delia Lovell - NASA Technology Transfer Member
Odeleya Haeussler - Business Analyst- Israel
John Slocum - Cryptocurrency Advisor for South and Central American Governments
Haile Di Tieri - Rhamnolipid, Pathogen, AI and ML Periodical construction and researcher

Advisory Board Members
Edward Robinson - Stifel Investment Services
Peter Alexander - Environmental Preservation and Architect
Madelaine Goldish- Biologist
Dr. Priya Patel- Doctor of Pharmacy

We offer many different types of applications from manual scans to scans using Nanotechnology. Our schedule of costs range from very cheap such as a studio apartment to extremely expensive such as military and law enforcement applications.

The possibilities are endless