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Unlocking the Power of A.I. for Pathogen Detection.


Artificial Intelligence For A Safer World.

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Our Ecosystem

Empowering a Safer Tomorrow. Discover Our Integrated Pathogen Detection, Custom Machine Learning, and Eco-Friendly Bioremediation Ecosystem.

A.I. Powered Pathogen & Contaminant Detection
We leverage technology to easily (and safely) detect pathogens and contaminants at scale.
Proprietary Machine Learning & Data Solutions
Our advanced machine learning and data analytics cater to a wide array of versatile use cases.
Future Forecasting and Recommendations
Future forecasting and treatment recommendations can be given for targeted remediation and prevention.
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How it works

A Comprehensive Solution for a Better Tomorrow



Our patent pending AI-powered microorganism and contaminant detection system saves time, money, and keeps teams safer. Learn More.


After detection, partner with and leverage our proprietary technology for custom machine learning applications catering to your needs. Learn More.


Combine intelligent treatment plans with our remediation solutions for a safer environment today and for generations to come. Learn More.
News and insights
June 13 2024 - Trade secrets proprietary to pathogen and contamination assisted a cannabis grower in early detection of a virus that would have devastated the entire crop. The real time detection was able to quickly quarantine the threat before it spread.

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