Outsmarting the
smartest pathogens



We deploy Nanotechnology with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to identity and eliminate micro-organisms and pollutants with 98.9% accuracy.

Stopping pathogens from going viral

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform identities surface and airborne micro-organisms and matter using drones, robots, high definition lenses and conveyor belts.

How can a company claim to have eliminated pathogens or unhealthy disease-causing matter when they don’t know what is causing the threat to humans, animals or plants?  Spraying chemical solutions or using ultraviolet lights are guesstimates at what is the real threat and what is needed to eliminate it.  In order to solve a problem, you first must understand the problem and then you can eliminate it successfully.


Artificial Intelligence Machine learning Micro-Organism Identification Application or “AIMMOIA” can identify treats with 98 % accuracy and can eliminate that threat 100% with applications that are non-toxic to people and their environments. AIMMOIA is a system of software applications and hardware combinations of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning algorithms with hardware components such as microscope applications, conveyor belts, drones, robots, cantilevers and sensors for the accurate identification of airborne and surface micro-organisms and matter.

thru Technology
with peptides and Rhamnolipid Biosurfacants
Prevent & eliminate present & future life-threatening events

...saving human life, plants and animals  from infectious diseases and death.