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Pathogen Detection

How it works

Pioneering Micro-organism and Contaminant Identification for Diverse Environments

Collection & Identification
We help our customers to safely collect specimens for identification by integrating channel systems for autonomous, drones, robots, and more for simplified sample collection. High-magnification microscope and a live-feed cameras further aid with identification and to feed our AI real-time data to train on. Throughout this process we regularly enhance our AI detection system by incorporating novel sensors and cutting-edge technologies to expand detection techniques and capabilities.
Machine Learning Training
Our AI system is trained on top-quality micro-organisms and contaminant samples. It uses various data points to identify the forms of microbes, contamination, and matter from images and sensors. Our dataset is exclusive, and our training sets are unmatched. With continuous data flow, we track contaminants and outbreaks over time and environments, spotting outbreak epicenters and foreseeing their course.
Proprietary Platform Unification
Our software comprises multiple independent platforms and algorithms that seamlessly learn and manage data through machine learning, artificial intelligence, tagging, and labeling. A substantial portion of our system and data architecture is both proprietary and custom-designed.

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