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Most frequently asked questions

How does your AI and detection system work?

Our system works through several simple steps. The AI system is first trained on various micro-organisms, contaminants, or other matter. After proper training, we can provide a sample to the AI for evaluation using a high-magnification device or sensor and a live-feed camera. The AI then evaluates, labels, and classifies the detected matter.

Can you make custom solutions and applications for specific needs?

Yes, we can develop specific classes, software and hardware systems, and biosurfactants to meet the needs of the situation. They can be manual or automated.

How does's product ecosystem work together?

In our product ecosystem, we combine cutting-edge technologies to provide comprehensive pathogen detection and remediation solutions. At its core, our AI-powered pathogen detection system intelligently identifies microorganisms and contaminants on surfaces, in water, and soil. Trained meticulously on diverse pathogens and contaminants, our AI ensures precise evaluations, while clients provide samples for assessment using high-magnification microscopes and live-feed cameras. Complementing our AI system, we offer custom ML applications tailored to various industries, leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence, tagging, and labeling algorithms. Our custom ML applications can then inform customized non-toxic biosurfactant treatments to safely remediate contaminants, protecting public health and the environment. As we expand, we incorporate drones, robots, and new sensors, broadening our detection capabilities, all aimed at fostering a safer and healthier world.


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